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SAWH Steel Pipe Manufactured in One-step Process

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As the China foremost steel pipe manufacturing enterprise, SHENGLI boasts solid R&D capability and high productivity. Our welded steel pipe comes with large diameter, high steel grade, heavy wall thickness and excellent performance, ideal for oil and gas transmission.

The SAWH steel pipe manufactured in one-step process is also known as the double-sided spiral submerged arc welding steel pipe. It adopts hot rolled steel strip as pipe billet which is molded in spiral way at normal temperature. By utilizing automatic submerged arc welding technique, this HSAW steel pipe comes with 1 spiral seam both inside and outside.

1. Outside diameter: φ219-φ2200mm
2. Length: 8-12.5m
3. Wall thickness: 6-25.4mm
4. Maximum steel grade: X80
5. Standard: API 5L, GB/T9711, technical specifications required by customer

Our SAWH steel pipe manufactured in one-step process is primarily used as gas or oil pipeline for pressure-bearing, long-distance transportation. It also can be used to carry fuel gas, water, coal gas, air, heating steam and other common fluids. Besides, this product also serves in the construction filed for pile driving and other uses.

Work Flow
This SAWH steel pipe is elaborately built by means of procedures as below
Raw Material Inspection → Material Feeding Check → Uncoiling → Edge Milling → Forming → Internal and External Welding → Final Welding Inspection → Flying Cutting → Physical and Chemical Inspection → Removal of Weld Bead → Repair Welding/Polishing → Industrial TV Inspection for Internal Weld Bead → Weld Seam X Ray Inspection → Weld Dressing → Pipe Expanding → Hydrostatic Testing → On-Line Ultrasonic Inspection → Manually Operated Ultrasonic Inspection → Plate Ultrasonic Inspection → End Beveling → X Ray Inspection → Weighing and Length Measuring →Final Inspection → Marking → Storage → Delivery

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