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Anti-Corrosion Steel Pipe

  • 3PE Coating
  • Epoxy Lining
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In addition to SAWH steel pipe and SAWL steel pipe, our company also offers premium anti-corrosion steel pipe.

Our 3PE anticorrosion workshop, which was completed and put into use in August 2008, is outfitted with two external coating lines and two internal coating lines. The external coating line is able to meet the coating needs of Φ219-Φ1420mm steel pipes, while the internal coating line can be used to coat Φ406-Φ1420mm steel pipes. The annual coating area reaches 4,800,000 square meters.

In the anticorrosion workshop, we can complete the internal and external coating of steel pipes with PE, PP, petroleum pitch, coal tar enamel, single layer of epoxy powder, as well as single and double layer of fusion bonded epoxy powder. Hence, we are capable of providing various anti-corrosion steel pipes.

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