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    1. SAWH Steel Pipe Manufactured in One-step Process

      Our welded steel pipe comes with large diameter, high steel grade, heavy wall thickness and excellent performance, ideal for oil and gas transmission. The SAWH steel pipe manufactured in one-step process is also known as the double-sided spiral submerged arc welding steel pipe. It adopts hot rolled steel strip as pipe billet which is molded in spiral way at normal temperature.

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    1. SAWH Steel Pipe Manufactured in Two-step Process

      By adopting this manufacturing technique, the inherent defects of our SAWH steel pipe are completely improved. Organic combination of high-speed forming and low-speed welding largely enhances product output and quality. Currently, this steel gas pipe is extensively applied to ashore oil and gas transportation. This oil pipe is manufactured in two-step process. In another word, forming ...

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  • SAWL Steel Pipe

    Solid-state welding craft and on-line heat treatment guarantee weld bead strength and mechanical properties, thus improving bearing capacity and compression strength of the steel pipe. This SAWL steel pipe is mainly used as oil and gas pipeline. It is also used to transport coal gas, water, fuel gas, air, heating steam and common fluids.

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  • Anti-Corrosion Steel Pipe

    The external coating line is able to meet the coating needs of Φ219-Φ1420mm steel pipes, while the internal coating line can be used to coat Φ406-Φ1420mm steel pipes. The annual coating area reaches 4,800,000 square meters. In the anticorrosion workshop, we can complete the internal and external coating of steel pipes with PE, PP, petroleum pitch, coal tar enamel, single layer ...

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