China First Strategic Transnational Crude Oil Import Pipeline
SHENGLI provides the spiral steel pipe of totally 286.5 kilometers long for the Sino-Kazakh Oil Pipeline. With annual oil transportation capacity of 20 million tons, this pipeline starts from Caspian Atyrau in the west, and ends at Alataw Pass by way of Aktobe, the total length of which is 2798 kilometers.

The second-phase first-stage project of the Sino-Kazakh Oil Pipeline, Kenkiyak-Kumkol, is in length of 761 kilometers, and was put into operation in July of 2009. This pipeline connects western Kazakhstan and Xinjiang of China.

Sino-Burma Oil Pipeline
SHENGLI supplies the SAWH steel pipe of totally 148 kilometers long for the Sino-Burma Oil Pipeline. It is the fourth largest energy import channel after Central Asia Oil and Gas Pipeline, Sino-Russia Crude Oil Pipeline and Maritime Channel.

The oil pipeline starts from Maday Island on the west coast of Burma, and enters China by way of Yunnan Province. The gas pipeline starts from Kyaukpyu Port. The oil and gas pipeline is separated at Anshun of Guizhou, and Chongqing troubled by gasoline shortage is the end station of the oil pipeline. On the other hand, the gas pipeline extends down south to Guangxi. The pipeline within Burma is 771 kilometers long.

Tanzania Pipeline Project
The Tanzania Pipeline Project is located at the east coast of Tanzania and in length of 542 kilometers. It consists of an onshore main pipeline (487km long, 914mm diameter), an onshore branch pipeline (30km long, 406mm diameter), and a submarine pipeline (25km long, 610mm diameter). The main line starts from Mtwara and ends at Dar es Salaam. The submarine line lasts from Songo Island to Saman. SHENGLI offers the helical welded pipe of 99.33 kilometers long for this project.

World Largest Natural Gas Pipeline
Central Asia to China Gas Pipeline is originally devised as the extension of Sino-Kazakh Oil Pipeline. In 2007, China successively signed pipeline operation agreements and gas purchase and sale agreements with Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan. Till then, Central Asia Gas Pipeline officially starts construction.

This line starts from the border of Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan on the right bank of Amu Darya, and enters China by way of central Uzbekistan, Southern Kazakhstan and Alataw Pass. It is also the West-East Gas Pipeline B, laid in separate A and B lines. With a length of 1833 kilometers, it has become the world longest gas pipeline. SHENGLI provides the steel pipe of totally 582 kilometers long.

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