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Proudly supplying customers with steel tubes since 1972, SHENGLI was restructured in 2004 and listed on Hong Kong Stock Exchange on Dec. 18th of 2009. Our company is near Ji-Qing Expressway in the north and joins Jiao-Ji Railway and 309 National Highway in the south. Meanwhile, it is only 280km away from Qingdao Port, and also owns special railway line. With favorable geographical position, SHENGLI enjoys extremely convenient transportation conditions.

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Office Building and R&D Building
Our office building is the work place of senior leaders, and our R&D building is the center for scientific and technical research and development. In Jan. of 2011, we set up Shandong Oil and Gas Pipeline Engineering and Technological Research Center with the approval of provincial department of science and technology.

This center is incorporated by welding technique lab, mechanical technique lab, electrical technique lab, anti-corrosion technique lab as well as test and inspection technique lab. It also contains a quality inspection institute and a number of high-quality steel pipe production lines. On May 25th of 2011, our quality inspection institute was identified by national laboratory, which is strong support for inspection of our welded steel pipes.

  • Office building
  • R&D building

First Branch Plant
The first branch plant was founded in 1972. The No. 1 production line we adopt can produce the spiral welded pipe with diameter of φ219-φ920mm. The maximum steel grade reaches X70, and annual capacity of this line is up to 40,000 tons.

  • First branch plant

Second Branch Plant
In 1991, the No.2 machine set was put into use, which can produce 80,000 tons steel tubes per year. The maximum steel grade reaches X70, and pipe specification is φ325-φ1420mm. In 2001, the No. 3 machine set was used, which can produce 80,000 tons of tubes in specification of φ508-φ2200mm. The maximum steel grade is X70.

  • Second branch plant

Third Branch Plant
This plant was build in 2008. The No. 4 and No. 5 machine sets can manufacture steel tubes of Φ610-Φ1620mm and with wall thickness of 6-25.4mm. The maximum steel grade is X120. The two machine sets have participated in the construction projects of West-East Gas Pipeline B and Central Asia Natural Gas Pipeline.

  • Third branch plant

Branch Plant for Pipe Tack Welding
Constructed in 2010, this branch plant covers an area of 217,420 square meters, outfitted with machines imported from Germany. Through adopting the most advanced two-step manufacturing process, our production line can produce the helical welded pipe with diameter of Φ610-Φ1626mm and maximum wall thickness of 25.4mm. The maximum steel grade is X120, and annual capacity reaches up to 360,000 tons.

  • Plant exterior
  • Plant interior

Branch Plant for Anti-corrosion Treatment
Presently, SHENGLI has 3 lines for pipe exterior anti-corrosion treatment and 2 lines for pipe interior anti-corrosion treatment, the annual capacity of which is 7 million square meters. Pipe specifications for exterior and interior anti-corrosion treatment respectively are φ219-φ1420mm and φ406-φ1420mm.

  • Branch plant for anti-corrosion treatment

Goods Yard
With continuous development, we now own 4 goods yards with a total area of more than 180,000 square meters. These yards can store 100,000-120,000 tons of pipes in different specifications.

  • Goods yard

Special Railway Line
Currently, SHENGLI enjoys 2 special railway lines with effective length of over 700 meters and annual throughput of more than 1 million tons. Each line can hold a whole train and thereby goods handling is very convenient. The maximum daily unloading capacity is over 7000 tons (100-120 train carriages), and the maximum daily loading capacity is over 1500 tons (40-50 train carriages).

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