As a world leading steel tube supplier, SHENGLI provides high-quality steel gas pipes for a multitude of significant natural gas pipeline projects at home and abroad, such as the Sichuan-East Gas Pipeline, West-East Gas A, B and C Pipelines, Central Asia Natural Gas A, B and C Pipelines, Sino-Burma Gas Pipeline, the Tanzania Gas Pipeline, etc.

The steel gas pipe is mainly used to transport natural gas (including the associated gas produced in oil fields) from exploiting site or treatment plant to urban gas distribution center or the pipeline of industrial enterprise. Hence, it is also known as gas line.

1. The gas line is a kind of continuous airtight conveying system.
2. From conveying and storage to application, the gas is always under pressure.
3. It comes with perniciousness, and impact scope is large when accident happens. Once the pipe fractures, large energy will be released which will then lead to large pipe tear length. Fire disaster may be caused if there is naked flame in the gas.
4. Strength, toughness and welding ability are the three basic quality control indexes for natural gas pipeline. The steel gas pipe of SHENGLI boasts small elastic recovery amount. Meanwhile, advanced welding technique and on-line weld bead heat treatment effectively guarantee the strength of weld bead and mechanical properties of the pipe. Consequently, bearing capacity and compression strength of our pipe are improved.

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