SHENGLI is a well-known Chinese supplier of steel oil pipe, who has successfully participated in masses of domestic and transnational petroleum pipeline construction projects, such as the Southwest Product Oil Pipeline, Western China Crude Oil Pipeline, Sudan Oil Pipeline, Sino-Kazakh Crude Oil Pipeline, the Sino-Burma Oil Pipeline, etc.

The steel oil pipe is used to transport petroleum and oil products, and connected with oil transportation station and other auxiliary equipment. It is the major equipment in the oil storage and transportation industry. Compared with railway and highway transportation, this oil pipeline has lots of advantages, such as large transportation volume, excellent leakproofness, low cost, high safety factor, etc.

Generally, oil products contain sulphur and acidoid, and the exposed pipeline is readily corroded by rain. To solve this problem, the SHENGLI oil pipe is processed with interior and exterior anti-corrosion treatment to extend the pipe lifespan. In addition, our oil pipe can also be used to convey other corrosive fluids in severe environment.

Crude Oil Pipeline
This pipeline is used to transport crude oil, featured by large capacity, long transportation distance, large diameter and less distribution stations. It generally starts from oil field and ends at refinery plant or harbor.

Oil Products Pipeline
Used to convey oil products, this pipeline features large volume and more distribution stations. It adapts to a wide variety of oil products, and suits batch transportation. It generally starts from refinery plant and ends at oil storage or distributive oil terminal.

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